Bridesmaid for 2 weddings in 2 weeks…

All I have to say is I am tired but I met some wonderful people. (I’m also in class not paying attention as I type this.)

Never realized how much stress can go into a wedding. There were ups and downs, stupid mistakes, stress from everyone, frustration, and so much more but at the end of the day the two couples are happily married and that is all that matters.

Lee Summit Wedding:

Small and beautiful. The bride looked gorgeous and the wedding was fun. The bridal party was a good time and made everything fun. We all cliched perfectly which made the wedding great without it being awkward since we all did not know each other. We had a bridal party dance after all the first dances which was totally awesome and fun. This was also not planned and surprised us. So, we got to do whatever we wanted out there and it was totally fun.

Tulsa Wedding:

All I have to say is: GORGEOUS! Makenzie picked the perfect day for an outdoor wedding and these bridesmaids…. they know how to have fun. Literally, I have a fat bruise on my leg. Pretty sure I got kicked by a child while dancing. Whatever! It was a great night. The beautiful part? Groom got emotional which made me cry. (It was beautiful) Downfall, dress did not fit. No, I did not gain weight but the dresses were handmade and totally re wearable.

May there be many years of happiness to both couples and I am thrilled I got to be part of 2 BEAUTIFUL weddings.

Relationship with my main man!

Man Friend a.k.a Boyfriend- A male significant other that possesses a higher level of maturity than the typical “boyfriend.” (

Reasons my significant other is a man friend and not a boyfriend
1.He is mature.
2.He has a career. So hot! No, he does not work in a bank. He went to school for something.
3.He went to college.
4.He motivates me. I got a job in my career path because he wants me to succeed. He motivated me to do better than what I was working with.
5.He pushes me. I wanted to workout for myself and not him. I lost 11 pounds because he pushed me to go harder on my workouts.
6.He opens the door for me.
7. He pays for me when we go out.
8.He cares for me
9.He does not go to bars on the regular.
10.He focuses on my wants and needs to make me happy.
11.He tells me I am pretty.
12.He picks me up when I am down.
13.He is committed.
14.He tells the truth.
15.He has a house.
16.He works hard for what he earns.
17.He respects my family. Just like he respects his.
18.He supports me.
19.He likes to have a good time with me.
20.He cooks for me.
21.He spoils me.

I could add so much more to this list but I also know that no one wants to read about someone else’s man. But I do think every woman deserves a man that does this and/or has these qualities. I got lucky and caught the perfect fish from the sea. I think a woman deserves these kind of qualities and traits in a man in order for a successful relationship. I can not sit here and lie and say my man and I are perfect, heck, we have fought numerous times, we left each other alone for the day/night and woke up forgiving of each other. I am also not an expert on relationships but I do know what a girl deserves and needs.

First blog: I feel like I should share my thoughts on my relationship and I know many girls or women can relate to my list. Their husbands, fiancee or man friends are probably the same and treat you like a queen as well.

Cheesy!?!?! Probably! 🙂